Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red Pepper Smoothie

Since peppers are now in season – finally.  I thought I’d try a little different smoothie action in the blender this morning.  I used one full red bell pepper and the result was pure deliciousness.  My husband exclaimed, “Oh this tastes amazing, like mouthwash for your insides.”  Now granted he’s fully drank the kool-aid and is onboard the health train, I still consider him a good solid guinea pig.

Red Pepper Smoothie – Yummy and oh so healthy!
(the recipe is for two people)
put the following ingredients in a blender...bottoms up...
2 bananas
about 10 strawberries (I used frozen)
enough blueberries (I used frozen)
1 red bell pepper
One third of a bunch of cilantro
just a little water - start with a ¼ cup and add more if necessary to blend (add ice instead if your berries are not frozen)

I love eating vegetables this way (in the blender) because they're raw. It’s not often I sit down and eat half a bell pepper and loads of cilantro.  It’s super easy to increase our intake of fresh veggies, when we throw them in the blender. You can try any variety of them, maybe just not mustard greens.  Take my word for it, mustard greens taste horrible in a smoothie – wasabi shooter smoothie – no thank-you.